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In the Media
Artists speak about capturing a moment in time. The uniqueness of a landscape due to light and weather, the mood and gesture of a human subject , the arrangement of a still-life with particular light and subject matter, the interior space of a museum or ancient place; all these are of special interest to me.

The language of pastels works best for me. I use mixed media such as airbrush colors, oil washes, watercolor, both transparent and gauche, for under painting, varying the surfface , the light effect and the texture, depending on the subject. How to best approach my subject, define my intent and create the mood I am looking for; are all part of my process.

With pastels, I laminate color over color, sometimes scraping one hue over another to keep freshness. Luminosity comes from the combination of the under painting and the lamination of colors.

When I travel, the special climate, even political climate pops up in my work, unintentionally. The tension creates an added dimension. This causes a change in choice of color or approach. One becomes sensitized, with world events, to these nuances. When I visit a place, I speak to as many people as possible to hear their views about political events. The broader perspective I receive helps my art.

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